Our Story

love peppi was born when a special little pooch called Peppi, was adopted from a dogs orphanage on the island of Malta. At the tender of 9, Peppi had spent 3 years on the streets and 6 years at the orphanage. One day, Lee and Peppi’s souls collided as they rescued each other and created a bond filled with unconditional love, trust and companionship. 

Today, not only does Peppi have his Dad but he has also inherited an extended family in cat Sister Zizi, Tadj the Godfather and Shama as his Fashionista Fairy Godmother.    

Together, with their crazy love for Peppi, Dogs (and all animals) love peppi was built to create fashion led bandanas that are vibrant, fun and iconic. We strive to bring you and your best friend bandanas that look hip and stylish so your dog is always the best in show. Guys.....it's time to DOGUE! 

Lots of.......love peppi & Pack xx
Ps. You and your Pooches can follow Peppi's new happy life here