Meet Our Ambassadors


Peppi Oliver

Dog Executive Officer & Boss 

Breed Smooth Fox Terrier 
Age 9
Fave Snack  Fish Cubes (All the Fish Cubes)

Sleeping, Running with Dad and more naps!

About  Peppi was adopted at the age of 9 and is now with his Dad Lee ( Co-Owner of love peppi ). He found his first ever home at 9 years after 3 years on the streets and 6 at the dogs home. Peppi is a very intelligent and sensitive little pooch that just loves all humans as long as he's getting attention he's happy and smiling, his tail literally never stops wagging and we just adore him for that! Peppi lives in Malta with Dad and Cat Sister ZiZi
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Name   Maya 
Breed Amstaff ( American Staffordshire Terrier )
Fave Snack Salmon Skins 
Hobbies  Early morning walks with Mum, Playing fetch, Cuddles on the sofa and posing for photos especially when wearing her love peppi Bandana! 
About  Maya is an adopted Pooch from Malta and is just in love with her new dog parents and her brand new life in the country!
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Name   Leo 
Breed French Bulldog 
Age  1yr 9 Months 
Fave Snack Anything from the Hoomans 
Hobbies  Long walks, playing with soft toys or balls, playing with my cat siblings and NAPS!!
About  Leo lives in Malta and he's a super active Frenchie who just loves meeting new friends on his walks everyday with Mum.
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Name   Penny
Breed Shih Tzu
Age  1
Fave Snack Apples and whatever treats come her way!
Hobbies  Swimming and very long walks!
About  Penny is such an adorable little Princess and is the youngest of our Ambassadors and for that she gets extra belly rubs! 
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Breed Beagle
Fave Snack  Fishy Treats 

Playing, going on adventures and always posing for the camera!

About  Odin was born and lives in Malta. He is very adventourous and loves exploring his beautiful island in the sun with his parents.  Odin loves to model everything love peppi!
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