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This is the story of Peppi, a street dog from Malta and how he found his forever home.

Peppi, there is so much to say about this beautiful sensitive soul, so let’s start with the very basics. He is a 9 year old Smooth Fox Terrier, who has seen a lot in his life. Born from a one-night stand, Peppi was always going to have a hard life on the streets of Malta. His father left his mother the moment he found out of her pregnancy and was never seen again. Not much is known of Peppi’s litter, his brothers and sisters or of his youth. 

The first record of Peppi is when he was taken in by a lovely lady who tried to care for him, however Peppi kept on running away, and she thought it better to give Peppi to Noah’s Ark, based in Mellieha. They cared for him and did their best to make sure he was rehabilitated and would have a happy life. He was 3 years old and already had his iconic nip on his right ear. The volunteers all fell in love with him instantly and gave him a name that would end up becoming a brand. 

Six years passed and Peppi, now a long-term tenant of Noah’s Ark, must have thought that he would never be adopted, but for him this was ok. He had become accustomed to the volunteers, who are now family to him, and the others tenants there, with whom he would form long lasting friendships. Especially Censu another awesome Pooch, with whom he still speaks via their Instagram profiles. 

This all changed when one day, Lee walked in. The moment Lee saw Peppi, he just knew. Peppi looked up, with hope beaming through his eyes, his tail wagging and he just knew. They met a few more times where they went for walks, runs, and lots of snuggles. Lee put forward his application to adopt Peppi and bring him into his family, which already consisted of a tortoise called Hemmingway and a Princess (cat) called Zizi. After all the paperwork had been finalised, Lee put on Peppi’s harness, gave him a comforting hug, as they said farewell to the volunteers. Lee led the way, Peppi trotted behind as they left to go to Peppi’s new forever home full of patience, love and understanding. 

The Interview Bit

By Alexander Tadj-Saadat

Tadj: Hi everyone, today we are going to have a brief chat with Lee, one of the co-founders of Love Peppi. The new dogs’ bandana brand that has put together a Christmas Bandana, for their pre launch, with a view to officially Launch in February of 2020. They are giving 20% of sales to Noah’s Ark, a dog sanctuary in Mellieha, Malta, as this is where Lee met and fell in love with Peppi. 

Tadj: Tell us about the first time you met Peppi?

Lee: I first met Peppi on my second or third visit to Noah’s Ark. I had seen him on the very first visit, in his pen with his big smiley face and I was drawn him, as I always thought ‘whenever I got a dog it would always be about their energy, not their age’. The general vibe there was that Peppi needed more time and was not ready for adoption. So, I walked a few more dogs, until one of the volunteers introduced me properly to Peppi. She knew that I am quite active, that I go for runs, am constantly on the go, always have something to do, and that I needed a dog who would be able to keep up and more importantly enjoy coming out with me. The last thing I wanted to was adopt a dog and leave him at home all alone. That would just break my heart. You know what I mean? 

Tadj: How did you feel when you first returned home with Peppi?

Lee: That instantly it was a match, for sure. The most important thing to me was the dogs happiness. I was more than happy to adjust my life, I’m human, we adapt easily. It was more important that I was able to change certain habits in my life to work around him and make sure that he was comfortable. I also spent three weeks, picking him up at 7am everyday from Noah’s Ark, to bring him home. Then I’d bring him back around midday, so that we could spend some time together, get to know each other etc. I mean we were in the midst of Covid, so I was working from home a lot, and I wanted to see how he would cope being inside for a while in a different environment as well. Plus I have Zizi and Hemmingway, so I wanted to see how they would get on too.

Tadj: You have gone off topic a bit there… How did feel when you first returned home with Peppi?

Lee: Right… Obviously elated, when the go ahead was given for the adoption. I have had dogs growing up, my entire life in Wales. For the last couple of years in Malta I have started to feel the ache of not having one, a bit dramatic (haha) for sure, but Peppi filled that gap straight away. When I saw his eyes, his little ear, and how his tail wagged when he saw me it literally filled me with joy… I had found my son. What we need to understand is that… and a lot of people say that it’s an amazing thing that I adopted him and “saved” him, but the thing is that… it’s not just us helping them. It is more the fact that they save us. Think about how much they can enhance your life, so it more Peppi adopted me, than the other way round. 

Tadj: So how did Love Peppi come about? 

Lee: it came about as me and my two friends… they literally fell in love with him the moment they saw him. Especially Shams (real name Shama and another co-founder)… she has been scared of dogs her whole life and the second she saw him, she stroked him, and her fear dissipated instantly. She came to me asking how I felt about starting a dogs’ fashion brand, she has been in fashion for years, she is a designer and has her own brand here in Malta. Tadj (the last and BEST co-founder of all) has been brought up with dogs so for him it was a no brainer. His challenge is trying not stroke every four-legged thing that walks near him. They brought the idea to me and instantly I fell in love with it. Peppi has the cutest nip on his right ear, so instantly we all knew what our logo would be. 

Tadj: So what is next for Peppi?

Lee: He has his grade 5 ballet exam, and starts shooting for the Love Peppi trilogy in 2021… 

Tadj: Right… (evil look) 

Lee: I want him to continue to be an ambassador for adoption of man’s best friends. He is a shining example that the whole “you can’t teach a new dog new tricks” is complete BS. Within days of coming home he learned how to sit, he learned paw, and he comes across like he has been house trained for years. No matter how old they are, they still need and are deserving of love. I mean he has never had an accident in the home. 

Tadj: So where can people who are thinking about dog adoption go to?

Lee: Firstly, it is important to think about whether they have time in their life and space in their heart for a dog. As easy as they can be, they are not something that you can buy and forget about. They take a lot of time and energy, but they give back so much more. If you know that you definitely want to adopt, then in Malta they can go to Noah’s Ark, Click Here 

Tadj: Lee thanks for your time any last comments? 

Lee: Well, I think tha…

Tadj: No?! Good! Let’s wrap it up there.

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  • Rachael on

    Hi guys ,wow what a fabulous read from start to finish and it took me right back to that day Lee I met you.
    I see both of you around the village and I always have a little smile on my face and you two are a match made in heaven, you both are equal to each other and im overjoyed for Peppi and for you Lee.
    Peppi the pooch that had my heart amd always will found his true peace ❤
    A dog is a reflection of the owner and you both shine happiness and thank you for coming to the Ark to adopt ❤

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